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10 DIY Tiny Houses You can Buy Online


10 DIY Tiny Houses You can Buy Online

Allwood Arlanda
ECOHOUSEMART | Laminated Log House Kit
Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway
Allwood Ranger Cabin Lakeview Log Cabin
Allwood Eagle Point
Timber Frame Cabin Kit
MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home
Tiny Home – Park Model RV

Even though they might seem like they are modern inventions, DIY houses have been trending even in the 1940’s, but because there was no internet, these ingenious home kits didn’t quite take off as expected. As we all know, history has the habit of repeating itself, so nowadays we can order directly from Amazon a nice assortment of do-it-yourself cottages and cabins, that are not only easy to set up but also look pretty cool. So, if you’re a building enthusiast, in what follows you’re going to be introduced to ten of the most popular DIY tiny houses that you can actually buy online. These are similiar to container homes.


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