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Guide To Building Your Own Shipping Container Home, Tiny house And 35 DIY Outdoor And Indoor Projects For Comfort Living


Shipping Container Homes:

Beginner’s Guide To Building Your Own Shipping Container Home

Unbeknownst to many, the shipping container is without a doubt one of the latest and greatest trends in home architecture. Ten years ago, most would have laughed at the idea of turning a shipping container into a viable home to live in but now it’s becoming more and more common by the day. People the world over have learned just how rewarding shipping container homes can be. These homes can be shipped out and placed anywhere in the globe giving the owner absolute freedom to do with it what they would like. This book takes you through all of the important ways that you can convert these freighters into worthwhile homes. This beginners guide will take you through the whole process of shipping home construction from the ground up. From the foundation to electrical wiring and plumbing we have you covered!


Tiny house:

Build Your Own Sustainable Tiny Home for Living and Recreation

Tiny homes are in vogue like never before, and although some may scoff at the notion of building a house many times smaller than your average apartment space, those that have taken the leap into the world of tiny homes have never been happier. This book teaches you how you can create your very own sustainable tiny home for living and recreation. It’s not as hard as you might think, and this book shows you exactly how to do it. From floor plans, securing a foundation to final furnishings on the home this book give you a bird’s eye view as to how you can make your building dreams a reality. Along with construction, this book also demonstrates how you can make the best of zoning and other regulations in order to get the best out of your tiny home. Learn about things such as “auxiliary dwellings” and exactly what you can and can not classify your tiny home as.



Top 20 DIY Projects for Your Backyard with Step-by-Step Instructions

Woodworking is an excellent way to relieve stress and a fulfilling and enriching pastime to have. And if the idea of working with your hands (and especially with wood) appeals to you, then you should really get this guide! This book contains years of practical experience condensed and refined down to just a few pages. This book gives you a detailed description of just what kind of wood you should use, how you should use it, and the kind of tools that work best. Learn how you can shape basic blocks of wood into brilliant centerpieces for your home in just matter of minutes. Learn how you can take old wooden shipping pallets and craft them into beautiful pieces of furniture for your living room. It doesn’t matter what your personal experience level is now, when you are done reading this book you will be going at it like a real professional.



15 DIY Blacksmithing Outdoor and Indoor Projects for Beginners

If you have ever had an interest in working with your hands—and working with metal in particular—then this book is the starter guide that you are looking for. Learn how you can craft everything from household decorations to useful tools for your workshop. This book comes with real world examples of how you can make blacksmithing a reality for yourself. Learn proper standing techniques and necessary equipment protocol, before moving on to 15 specific projects perfectly prepped and primed for those just starting out with the craft. But even if you are a veteran you could still learn a lot from this book. The templates provided for these 15 projects are enlightening on all levels. Use this book as your primer and you will have your own blacksmith shop up and running in no time!

Select handpicked plans and designs from the best Tiny Home Builders in the USA

One of the most common requests we get is for tiny house plans and drawings that you can use to construct your own home. With a growing abundance of builders out there specializing in small house designs, we took some time to gather together the best of the best in one place.

While there are free plans out there, they don’t often include enough details, and can often create more questions than answers. The professional plans below include everything you’ll need to get started building your next tiny house, including detailed floor plans, material lists, transverse plans, foundation plans, and exterior details.

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we will update it with new plans as we find them. If you have any suggestions feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.

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