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172 Sq Ft Dream Castle

Price: (as of - Details) Select handpicked plans and designs from the best Tiny Home Builders in the USA One of the most common requests we get is ...

Amazing Tiny Houses

Price: (as of - Details) A truly amazing collection of tiny houses in fields and on wheels!I could look at all the different styles and shapes for days!E...

Tiny Houses

Price: (as of - Details) With “McMansions” increasingly giving way to “tiny” houses, the desire to downsize and be more ecologically and economically pru...

Grandma’s Tiny House

Price: (as of - Details) This sweet, rhyming counting book introduces young readers to numbers one through fifteen as Grandma’s family and friends fill her...

Walden (Everyman’s Library)


By virtue of its casual, off-handedly brilliant wisdom and the easy splendor of its nature writing, Thoreau’s account of his adventure in self-reliance on the shores of a pond in Massachusetts is one of the signposts by which the modern mind has located itself in an increasingly bewildering world. Deeply sane, invigorating in its awareness of humanity’s place in the moral and natural order, Walden represents the progressive spirit of nineteenth-century America at its eloquent best.

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Babies and Other Hazards of Sex: How to Make a Tiny Person in Only 9 Months, with Tools You Probably Have around the Home

In this classic crack-up of a book, Dave Barry gives his wacky perspective on sex, childbirth, parenting and other forms of slow, cruel torture.

In Babies and Other Hazards of Sex, Dave exposes natural childbirth for what it is: a pop phenomenon of the 1960s that, along with paisley bell-bottoms and creative sideburns, deserves a rest. He examines the new federal law requiring prospective fathers to free themselves from their self-made macho prisons--to laugh, cry, love and just generally behave like certified wimps.

Dave also reveals, for the first time in print, the secret chant for painless childbirth.

Then learn why no secret chant could possibly take a woman's mind off the fact that she is in such pain that she wants a gigantic comet to crash into the earth and kill her and her husband and the dotor and the nurses and everyone else in the world.


Tiny Boxes: 10 skill-building box projects

Master box maker Doug Stowe guides woodworkers every step of the way in creating 10 gorgeous yet useful Tiny Boxes. Boxes are always a hit with woodworkers because they are quick to build, use a minimal amount of material, don’t require a large workshop, and make great gifts. Each project teaches a new technique so you will improve your general woodworking skills as you create boxes like the inlaid sliding pocket box and Japanese puzzle box.

In this all-new collection of boxes from one of America's premier box makers, Doug Stowe shows how to design and build ten tiny boxes, including an inlaid sawn box, a box made with hand tools, and a finger jointed box with dovetails.


House of Earth: A Complete Handbook for Earthen Construction

Earth is the mother of all construction materials. For thousands of years, people have dug up the clay-soil below their feet and transformed it into the most versatile building material. Worldwide, people are rediscovering the advantages of earthen construction, and for good reasons: its easy to work with, extremely affordable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable and beautiful!

A few simple tools, such as buckets, shovels and a wheelbarrow is all you need to get started. By describing how to combine and process the basic ingredients of clay-soil, sand and straw, this book makes it clear and simple on how to make earthen building something you can start with the moment you put down the book!

You will learn how to build with the most popular and time-tested techniques:
  • Cob
  • Adobe
  • Light straw-clay
  • Earth bags
  • Earthen plasters
  • Earthen floors
  • Clay paints

These techniques are being used to build entire houses, as well as for smaller projects, such as backyard sheds, cabins, outdoor fireplaces, garden walls and play houses. As a bonus, the appendix has complete instruction on how to build an earthen bread- and pizza oven, using the techniques described in the book. This makes for a great starter project!

An often overlooked possibility is using earthen building methods to renovate existing homes on a shoestring budget, transforming run-down houses into earthen homes, without having to work with toxic or environmentally harmful building materials. After reading this book, you will realize how simple it is to integrate earthen materials with conventional building materials.

The book covers everything, from identifying the right materials, to how to build arches and niches and incorporate plumbing and electric. It is also supported by YouTube videos and photos, which can be found at www.HouseAlive.org, adding additional clarity to the writing.

"Conrad Rogue is a great builder, teacher, and philosopher. He is original in his thinking, skilled in his techniques, and passionate about the beauty and potential of earthen construction. And above all, he has the rare ability to skillfully convey all of that in his writing." ~ Mother Earth Magazine

Conrad Rogue has been teaching earthen construction since 2001. He is the founder and director of House Alive. (www.HouseAlive.org). He has taught workshops in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy and India....

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases

While many books offer sample forms and advice about drafting clauses for retail, office, and industrial leases, few examine the essential business issues underlying each clause of the lease from both sides of the negotiating table — tenant and landlord alike.

Whether you are a business owner about to sign a lease, a real estate professional determined to draft the ideal transaction for your client, or a landlord looking to protect profits and property simultaneously, Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases can help you understand

*The obvious and not-so-obvious differences between “standard” landlord and tenant leases.
*Specific negotiating strategies for retail/shopping center, office and industrial leases.
*The critical economic and legal issues at stake in each clause of the lease.
*Which points are most easily negotiated under what situations and which points aren’t worth the time spent arguing.
*What alternative clauses and solutions can be offered to create a deal that works for both parties.

As the basics of term, rent, premises, assignment, maintenance, insurance, default, taxes, alterations, and more are covered, author Martin Zankel uses wit and wisdom to break down confusing legalisms and offer basic negotiating strategies for each situation.

The book also includes two appendixes that provide examples of a tenant-oriented lease and a landlord-oriented lease....

Willmington’s Guide to the Bible

Willingminton's Guide to the Bible is a treasury of Bible knowledge written in layman's language, making it easy to read and understand. It's like eight Bible reference books in one—a Bible handbook, commentary, topical fact-finder, theological manual, history text, illustrated encyclopedia, cross-reference guide, and archaeological update!

Special Features
  • 250 illustrations
  • 613 Old Testament commands
  • 300 most important Bible characters
  • main doctrines of Christianity