Tiny Houses: Complete Tiny House Guide with Construction Advice, Design Ideas, and Budgeting Tips for Tiny House Living (Tiny House Building, Small Houses, Decluttering)


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Complete Guide to Tiny Houses 

Whether you are positive you want to live the Tiny House lifestyle or are simply curious, this Book provides all of the information you need. 

Today, the tiny house craze is slowly reemerging as a popular choice for a number of reasons; to cut back on high-energy costs, save on property taxes, the flexibility of movement, downsizing, and environmental reasons. With the changing in the world, these reasons have become the spark that ignited a new phase of designs that still hold true to the traditional purpose of a home but with a more modern twist to it.

Whatever your reasons for joining the tiny house movement, it is evident that it is a concept that is quickly gaining traction. Whether you’re single, married, watching your budget, or protecting the environment there is a tiny house with your name on it. They are cropping up all over the world because their pros have definitely outweighed the cons.

Here are a Few Statistics about Tiny Houses:

  • 55% of Tiny House Owners Enjoy a Bigger Savings Account
  • 65% of Tiny House Owners are Debt-Free
  • 78% of Tiny House Owners are Mortgage-Free
  • Here are Just a Few Things You'll Learn:

  • History of Tiny Houses
  • Pros and Cons
  • Considerations of Making the Switch to a Tiny House Lifestyle
  • Legal Issues and How to Handle Them
  • Choosing Tiny House Locations
  • Basic Constructions Advice
  • Design Ideas and Tips
  • Interior Design Ideas and Tips
  • Budgeting Tips
  • Whatever your situation is, the Book will provide you extremely valuable information on Tiny Houses.

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