Tiny Houses Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Living Well In A Small Space (Tiny Homes Book 1)


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Tiny Houses : The Ultimate Guide To Living Well In A Small Space

Are You Exploring the Possibilities of Living Tiny ?

Anyone who has lived in the civilized world for the past few years has most likely heard of a new way of living called “Tiny Houses.” Since you’re reading this book, you have undoubtedly heard of them and you’re possibly considering if one of these adorable little houses is for you. If so, this book was written for you.

Building a tiny house is a new concept for most people and there are tons of details to think about when deciding to live in one.

You can find substantial amounts of information online. Countless people start blogs and share their experiences during the process of building their tiny house. Some of them are excellent sources of information, however, it’s also mixed in with some unreliable and outdated information. In addition, the helpful information is scattered and it’s hard to know which information to follow.

The purpose of this book is to put it all into perspective. It will offer ideas as well as guide you through the process beginning with your decision on whether a tiny house is for you and ending with survival tips and how to live in a tiny house.

These little houses serve a myriad of purposes and are the solution to the problems of countless people. Below are a few examples. There’s a good possibility one of these stories might hit close to home for you or someone you know.

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