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Are you planning to move in a small house because you want to cut down on your expenses?

Do you want to try out living small for a change?

This book explores the philosophies behind tiny house and its lifestyle, this book will also helps you to decide whether it is a good fit for your personality? This book will guide and show you step by step process through the transition to a smaller space. This book is a complete guide whether you downsize to 500 square foot home, or just simply scale back the amount of stuff you have in your current home.

This book will provide you detail information about.

  • This is a complete guide for tiny house living.
  • It will answer your entire question related to tiny house living.
  • What is tiny house life style?
  • Why light and ventilation important for a tiny house?
  • How to deal with building and zoning laws? .
  • What kind of materials to use?
  • How to build tiny house?
  • How to maximize your tinny space?
  • Financial aspect of tiny house lifestyle?
  • How to save money on your tiny house construction?
  • How to be resourceful?

Once you build tiny house or if you are living in one, than how to decorate a small living space and this book will definitely give you practical ideas on how you can customize your tiny house for maximum space. This book will also teach you how you can create an illusion of depth for a small area without compromising you and your family’s comfort.

What you will learn from this book

  • benefits of downsizing
  • how to remove clutter from your life
  • maximizing limited floor space
  • You can decide for yourself if the tiny house living is a fit for you or not.
  • Different types of tiny houses.
  • Ways to maximize space.
  • Lots of tiny home design tricks.
  • How to Live a Full and Satisfying Life in a Tiny House.
  • Effective and artistic living.
  • How to Arrange Your Furniture.
  • Getting the most out of your tiny home space.
  • How to make your limited area look more spacious.
  • How to plan for downsizing

I have dedicated at least one chapter for each room so you can maximize your tiny space without any problem there are lots of tips and tricks which help you in long run.

  • Entrance
  • Storage
  • Living room
  • Kitchen.
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom

As bonus you will get 18 ninja tips for successful tiny house living.

This book contains the information that might help your transition easier and more effective

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